Except for Mondays, we are open every day from 7:30pm until 3:30am on weekdays (Sun – Thurs) and 5am on weekends (Fri & Sat).

The room hire fee covers the use of the room and its standard facilities. 

Each session is for up to 6 hours in your booked Party Room, starting from the arrival time of the first guest.

The Private Party Room Hire facilities are open to all ages. However, after 11:30pm, any guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

A responsible adult must be over the age of 25 and each single responsible adult can be responsible for up to 4 minors.

Responsible adults will be required to complete a form upon arrival.

Yes, PLAYERS is a licenced venue and for the safety of our guests, registration is required. We use a similar system to nightclubs and casinos that register details from your photo ID. This is a quick and simple process that takes place on your first visit and all guests will be required to bring a valid form of ID to complete this registration process. 

On registration, you have the option to leave a fingerprint and you can use this to enter the venue on your next visit. If you choose not to leave a fingerprint, then you will be required to bring ID with you on all visits. However, it is always advisable to carry some form of ID with you each time you visit as you may be asked for it at the bar. 

We do not have a strict dress code, but we ask that your attire is respectable. 

Yes, we always strongly encourage customers to come and see the venue before they book as the photos and videos do not do the venue justice. If you would like to book a tour of the venue, please complete the Book A Tour form on our Contact Us page.

Unfortunately we do not conduct tours on Fridays or Saturdays as all the rooms are usually occupied by customers.

As we always want to give you enough time to look at each room, take photos and videos if necessary, we therefore only conduct tours from Sunday to Thursday, with the exception of Monday when we are currently closed. Tours can be booked from 7:45pm onwards.

We only hire each room out to one party each evening, which means that the room is exclusively reserved for you from opening (7:30pm) until closing (3:30am Sun to Thurs and 5am Fri & Sat). You and your guests can come at any time during the evening, however, it would help our Service Staff if you let us know your approximate time of arrival.

You are welcome to bring decorations to decorate your booked room as you wish but we shall require you to only use the adhesive we provide for putting up banners and balloons to avoid damaging to the walls. 

Unfortunately, all our staff will be busy preparing the rooms prior to opening therefore, for health and safety reasons, we would not be able to have customers in the venue before this. If you need to decorate your room, we suggest that you ask your guests to arrive at a later time to allow time to do this.

We offer a wide variety of food and drinks. You can find our latest menus under the Food & Drinks section of our website which are updated regularly.

The Party Room concept means our menu offers light nibbles and party food platters for guests to share to compliment the party. 

Unlike a restaurant where each guest orders their individual meals and expect all dishes to arrive at the same time, our food will be delivered to the rooms and served as and when they are ready.

We welcome customers to bring their own food to the venue, however no outside drinks are permitted inside the venue.

Any drinks found will be kept in a safe place and returned to the customer at the end of the night.

Due to our licence, we are not permitted to let customers take drinks away from the venue.

We do, however, provide an on-site bottle storage facility where any unfinished spirits/liqueurs can be stored without charge for up to 3 months.

Beers, wines and champagnes can also be stored only when they are unopened.

All our party rooms are equipped with karaoke facilities.

DJ Connectivity means that in those rooms, we have all the cables and plugs pre-connected to our system, ready to be connected to a DJ’s equipments.

The Room Hire Free does not include a DJ.

Room Hire Fee can be waived by reaching the Optional Target Spend. 

The way it works is either pre-order to the value of the Target Spend then the system will recognise that, and complete the booking without asking for a Room Hire Fee. Alternatively, you can pay the Room Hire Fee first to secure your room booking, then on the night if/when the Target Spend is reached, staff will be prompted to return you the value of your Room Hire Fee in the form of cash vouchers which can be used immediately towards food & drinks or any future room bookings.

The difference is mainly the shape of the rooms and their capacities. The VIP Suites are more rectangular in shape with high ceilings which gives it a very extravagant feel.

The VIP Plus rooms are more square in shape providing extra space for dancing. They also are slightly bigger in size hence the higher capacity and have all the cables ready for connecting a DJ and their equipments to our system.

We cater for corporate events and have a range of rooms to accommodate for different group sizes up to 200 people. The rooms are well equipped and have connectivity to a variety of devices including laptop computers for presentations.  For more information, please send your enquiry through to us via the Contact page. 

Customers are responsible for taking care of their own personal belongings as we are not responsible for any items that become lost in our venue.  To report a lost item, please complete the Lost & Found Form under the Support Tab. 

When an item is found or subsequently handed in, it will be kept in a safe place for 14 days, after which the item will be disposed of. 

If you have any further questions regarding your visit, please contact us